Apricot powder

Apricot powder

Maybe you have some apricots at home that are collecting dust at the back of your pantry?

With this recipe you can use your apricots to make the finest apricot powder, which keeps the flavor, color and vitamins of the fresh apricots  – And it is easier than you think!

Apricot powder

Prep Time: 360 Minutes
Total time: 6 Hour


  • 500 g apricots


1. Cut the apricots into thin slices and put them on a baking sheet.
2. Bake the apricots in the oven at 70-80 Celcius degrees for approximately 6 hours until the slices are completely dry. Let them cool down.
3. Put the dry slices into your food processor or a mini blender and blend them until they have been completely powdered. The powder can be a little sticky, which is completely normal.
4. Use the powder as a topping, e.g. on your baby’s porridge.