Allergen information on Woodland Wonders products

The Food Information Regulation states that all allergens in a product should be highlighted in the ingredients declaration. We highlight any allergens in the product in bold text in the ingredients box on the back of our products.

Underneath the ingredients box we will state any ‘may contains’ information for products which do not contain the allergen ingredients but are made in a factory that handles it. If the product does not have an allergen highlighted and there is no ‘may contains’ warning then the product does not contain that specific allergen.

You can find an overview of all allergens contained in Woodland Wonders products here:



Christina Hansen

Christina’s mission

I have created Woodland Wonders to help your baby develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime by offering a range of tasty, stimulating and easy to prepare foods, which save you time in the kitchen – so you can spend more time with the most important person in the world.